Terms & Condition

1. What purpose does the Terms & Conditions cover?

1.1 This Terms & Conditions exists to ensure certainty between the Cookants Ltd, a company formed under the laws of Bangladesh, and the Home-Chefs, and to ensure that operations of Cookants Ltd is conducted in an organized manner and with the highest standard of professionalism.
1.2 It also exists to act as a source of information and guidance for Home-Chefs. It helps them recognize and deal with the formalities and particulars of the business, as well as to understand their rights and responsibilities.

2. Policy Statement

2.1 Cookants Ltd owns and operates an online platform that allows the Home-Chef to sell their homemade foods to the customer through their websites and/or Apps.
2.2 “Home-Chef” means any person properly subscribed with one of the services provided by Cookants Ltd as elaborated hereinafter.
2.3 “Customer” means any person, ordering the homemade foods from the Home-CHef through the online platform provided by Cookants Ltd.

3. Payment

3.1 Cookants Ltd is a Marketplace. In order to enjoy the service provided by Cookants Ltd, the Home-Chef must be a following the instruction provided by Cookants Ltd.
3.2 All payments are made through Cookants Ltd. payment partners or directly by Cookants Ltd. Payments are to be made weekly. Fees are charged according to the respective Home-Chef’s price mentioned through Chef app.
3.3 Home-Chef on boarding process is not free. They have to attend training session arranged by Cookants Ltd. This training session and total on boarding process will cost the Home-Chef in total 5500 tk. In this amount 2000 tk is refundable.

4. Particulars of the Payment

4.1 Using our platform is free for Home-Chef. But Home-Chef must attain training provided by Cookants Ltd which is not free. This process will cost a Home-Chef 5500 tk ( 500 taka for registration, 1000 tk for content and photography, 2000 tk for business support equipment and 2000 tk is refundable amount.

4. Particulars of the Payment

4.1 Using our platform is free for Home-Chef. But Home-Chef must attain training provided by Cookants Ltd which is not free. This process will cost a Home-Chef 5500 tk ( 500 taka for registration, 1000 tk for content and photography, 2000 tk for business support equipment and 2000 tk is refundable amount.

5. Cancellation and Transfer Policy

5.1 Cookants Ltd reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time without any prior notice or justification.
5.2 The Home-Chef must provide at least 1 (one) month prior notice before terminating the agreement. If he/she wants to discontinue then Cookants Ltd will return his/her refundable amount after adjustment.

6. Conduct of the Cooks Post-Registration

6.1 Upon joining Cookants Ltd, it is mandatory for a Home-CHef to attained the training session and get certified by Cookants Ltd. The Home-Chef will not be allowed to post menu and schedule the meal until Cookants Ltd has received their valid ID.
6.2 In order to ensure trust within a community, there must be a mutual respect for each other’s privacy. The Home-Chef must never give out any personal phone numbers of the Customer or Cookants Ltd employee or to any party without prior permission.
6.3 Cookants Ltd will not tolerate any form of low quality food/unexcitable food/ explicit images from the part of a Home-Chef. Any form of QC which is not followed the guideline of Cookants Ltd is punishable by temporary/lifetime ban from the services of Cookants Ltd.
6.4 Cookants Ltd aim to bring quality food to customers at reasonable prices. Cookants Ltd focused to provide affordable daily to the customer so a Home-Chef must always take care to price their dishes fairly.
6.5 Home-Chef being part and parcel of the Cookants Ltd must not represent Cookants Ltd badly in any kind of social, print or electronic media.
6.6 Home-Chef must always source their ingredients from quality vendors, and maintain quality in their cooking process, so as to ensure a good experience for the Diners.
6.7 Cookants Ltd will send QC inspector time to time to their home to inspect the kitchen and ensure the quality of service. Home-Chef must help Cookants Ltd QC inspector to conduct his/her duty.

7. Particulars and Formalities

7.1 The Home-Chef must follow the guideline of Cookants Ltd about the cooking process which is given to them during training and user manual. They must use cap on head and other equipment instructed by Cookants Ltd.
7.2 The Home-Chef must not use pictures of their dishes downloaded from the internet. If a Cook wishes to shoot photos of his/her food with a professional photographer, Cookants Ltd will arrange professional photographer upon demand.
7.3 The Home-Chef must check her/his order just after the last order time and prepare the order depending upon the number of order.
7.4 A Home-Chef cannot refuse to cook the meal once the schedule is made. In case of emergency the Home-Chef must inform the admin or respective contact person of Cookants Ltd to delete her/his schedule.

8. Safety and Security

8.1 Cookants Ltd shall not be responsible for the security and safety of the Client as the food is prepared by Home-Chef which is beyond the control of Cookants Ltd. It is the Home-Chef’s personal responsibility to maintain his/her own safety and security of the food.
8.2 Before handover the food box to the delivery man the Home-Chef must seal the box properly by following the guideline of Cookants Ltd.
8.3 The Home-Chef must keep the food box ready on time to ensure the smooth delivery to the customer.
8.4 The Home-Chef indemnifies Cookants Ltd from all claims arising in relation to matters outside control of Cookants Ltd, including but not limited to the quality of the food provided by the Home-Chef. The Home-CHef further indemnifies Cookants Ltd from third parties' claims resulting from any violation of laws and regulations by the Home-Chef.
8.5 Cookants Ltd cannot guarantee that their service shall be free from all malfunctions, but shall exercise all reasonable care and skill to resolve any such case.
8.6 Tax and VAT liability for income earned from food sales rests with the Home-Chef. Cookants Ltd shall not be responsible for any Tax/VAT issues that arise from the sale of food items.

9. Penalty for Dangerous Behaviors

9.1 In case of a complaint by a customer alleging a Home-Chef to be engaged in dangerous behavior i.e. serving raw or uncooked food etc., Cookants Ltd will conduct an inquiry and if the complaint is found to be correct, the Cook will be given a warning and placed on probation. Any subsequent legitimate complaints will lead to the Home-Chef no longer being allowed to sell food on Cookants Ltd.
9.2 The Home-Chef are not allowed to use any other delivery service not approved by Cookants Ltd or hire any additional staff for deliveries.
9.3 In case of any civil or criminal prosecution that arises out of “dangerous behavior” by a Home-Chef or delivery partner, all liabilities will be borne by the Home-Chef herself/himself and not Cookants Ltd.
9.4 In case of any civil or criminal prosecution that arises by the delivery man provided by the delivery partner, all liabilities will be borne by the delivery partner and not Cookants Ltd.

10. Compliance and Confidentiality

10.1 These Terms and Conditions form the foundation of Cookants Ltd and as such the Home-CHef must take utmost care and exercise diligence to comply with them.
10.2 The Home-Chef must not share with any third party any information provided to them or that they come across that is marked as confidential by Cookants Ltd during or after the tenure of their involvement with Cookants Ltd.
10.3 These Terms and Conditions may be changed from time to time and the latest version of the document will always form part of the main agreement signed between the Home-CHef and Cookants Ltd.


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