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Frequently Asked Questions

We will pay you every Sunday or Monday.

From your mobile app you can check cooking end time. To maintain this time schedule please plan your cooking process accordingly.

After order end time you can check the number of order you have to cook from your mobile apps.

Once you have done you registration process with cookants you are ready to sale using our platform. We have a mobile app and website for customer. Your offered meal will be visible on this mobile app and website. You will monitor your sales and business from your mobile apps.

First download the mobile app and register using our mobile app. We will contact with you regarding final registration process. You have to attend our training program and have to go through background check.

We have a closing time for taking order. You have to cancel your order before order closing time. After that time you cannot cancel the order.
1- Is the food always the same?
Nope! You can choose from variety of menu offered from different home chef.
2- How many order can I place?
You can place maximum 5 order.
3- Can I order from different chef’s menu?
No. Right now you have to order from one chef only. In future we might open the option to order from different chef.
4- I waited, I was hungry, but the delivery never came. I am furious!
We're so sorry to hear that! Just drop us a line at with your name, phone number, order number and the date of the order, and we will find out the problem, and get back to you with some great solution.
5- What address should I use for placing my order? Can it be my office address? Or any public place?
The address that you mention has to be the place where you want the delivery. The address can be stored with us (if you are registered) and can be used later when you want to order again. You have the option of storing 3 addresses (Home, Office and Other) with us. We would deliver to your office or any other address. However, we will not deliver to any public place, for example- another restaurant, airport, station, park etc. 6- Is it on demand service or pre-order service?
Right now we have pre-order service. That means you have to order before order closing time.

Fresh . Less-oily . Nutritious . Tasty
For this simple reason you will choose our homemade food over restaurant food. Also don’t you miss homemade food in Dhaka city? We know you do. This is why we come up with this idea to serve you with homemade food for your daily meal.

No problem. If your office and home location is inside our service zone you can order homemade food using our app and website. We have free delivery services.

Your food is just few click away. Open our app/website > Search your location > Choose food > Order. Now wait for your delivery. You have to pre-order to avail our service. Example: If you want to eat lunch then you have to order before 9AM. Our service is to ensure your daily need. So use our app daily to get homemade food for you daily meal.

Good news for you, we have free delivery service for any amount. No one doing it rather than us. First time in Bangladesh.

Online ordering can provide you a lots benefits over telephone order.
1. Check and then buy: We have lots of home chef on or platform. They offer food on our platform with picture. So you can check the food visually offered by chef and then buy from that chef’s food.
2. Take some time to order: Make a proper plan and then decide what you want to eat. Also take some time to read the food description and other customer’s review so that you can take a calculative decision of your meal.
3. Review and rating: Also take some time to read the food description and other customer’s review so that you can take a calculative decision of your meal. Chef’s rating is also help you to take right decision.
4. Payment: You can buy our food coupon then use it online and forget about the payment. Just order online and get it delivered.
5. You can view details of all your past orders and easily re-order.